Continuing to work with my sculpture engine, as I have for the last 18 months. It’s produced many directions but nothing I think is worth printing more of: everything it has done is either not up to standard, something I’ve done (or seen done) better before, or not printable by existing technology. Nothing wrong with this last, but I’m not a virtual sculptor.

Lately I’ve been doing more collaborative things with it, adding entry points to the engine where I can make choices or tweak shapes by hand. But I’m trying to avoid having this lead back to a lot of time spent pushing points around. I’ve put in my hours on that, and the whole point of writing this engine is to get away from it.

Today maybe I found a good way to improve networks I would have previously discarded as unaesthetic, by pushing a single slider.

The one above, on the left, looked like this yesterday, so that’s a nice improvement, much prettier. But the one above on the right is what I’m interested in. The way it looks crunched into a baseball. That doesn’t even need 3D printing, but I like it…is that weird?